Noble Argus Foundation Raising Funds to Help Special Operations Family Following House Fire
Posted on 7 December 2012
Our Foundation was established to find meaningful ways to assist the service members and families of Special Operations Community. As we enter into the holiday season, we have a family in our community that is in a critical situation and greatly needs our help.

As one community member returned from her wedding day she was faced with a home burned to the ground due to an electrical fire that took every possession from the family, including the Christmas gifts already purchased for her nine year old daughter. This family has lost everything of emotional and financial value and is in despair.

We here at Noble Argus want to help. From now until Christmas day the Noble Argus Foundation will allocate one hundred percent of all donations received to this family to assist them as they pick up the pieces of their lives. This financial support will provide immediate relief that will help defray the upfront cost of relocation, replace items that were lost in the fire and enable this family to purchase clothing and supplies. Please help us provide this family a sense of community and hope during such a difficult time.

We wish everyone well during this holiday season and from the bottom of our hearts thank you for all that you have done to support the Special Operations Community.

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